The ultimate solution to managing your MCN at its max potential.

Premium technology to empower your digital brand, right at your fingertips, for digital media companies, MCNs and influencer marketing agencies.

User & Channel Management

  • Track and guide a user through the various stages of their signup process
  • Guide channels through the channel manager, allowing you to never loose track of what stage a channel is at during processing
  • Full channel & user overviews

Contract Management

  • Create fully customisable contracts with "variables" to insert names, revenue share, signature etc
  • Virtual sign technology and encrypted contracts to prevent modification
  • Fully customisable revenue shares
  • Link a user to a contract to register using that specific contract
  • Re-assign new contracts at any point, asking the user to confirm the new contract and re-sign it

More than just YouTube

  • Allow your partners to connect more than just youtube channels.
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

OAuth & API

  • Create OAuth Clients to allow external apps to connect like epidemic sound, tubebuddy, spreadshirt etc
  • Create your own external applications that use our API
  • Pull any data on your dashboard directly from the API

White labeled & Instanced Application

  • Your dashboard is fully white labeled and will be branded as your company, every aspect of the dashboard has you in mind
  • Your dashboard is instanced and will be separate to other companies, running on its own server and database
  • Direct access to the dashboard database upon request
  • Your dashboard is ready to scale with your growth from day one, we'll handle the server and application scaling whilst you handle your business scaling, allowing for minimal downtime!